Dr. Townsend and his wonderful staff have always made sure that I get the best care possible! I feel like I am the only patient they have because they devote time and obvious experience every time I come in. The drive from Asheville is so worth it every time, because of the amazing care that I receive from Dr. Townsend and his staff!
Holly Hobbs
Asheville, NC
7th grade teacher

"Thank you for being so 'attentive' to my dental needs."

"Thank you so much for all of your time and work in my mouth yesterday! I
appreciated having your message waiting for me when we got home. I told
my husband that he is going to like you as a dentist! He was impressed with
the work you did on me as well! The teeth are really pretty..."

"It is so good to be connected to a dentist again, and I promise I won't go 4
years without treatment anymore. It is so good to have that work done before
school starts again."

"You should teach a course about how to talk to patients and explain
treatment options. That was the best explanation I've ever had about my

"I have had multiple dental experiences in the past; most of them were not pleasant.
Today's visit with your office was the least offensive and most pleasant experience

" After years of avoiding, stressing, and dreading dealing with my dental problems, I made a visit to Dr. Townsend. What an amazing turnaround; I left the office feeling carefree and completely relaxed! Thank You!"
Ayla Archer

"From the friendly phone call reminder to the warm greeting at the door to the competent care from the assistants to the thoughtful and complete conversation from a leading edge dentist to his gentle and thorough treatment to his follow up calls, dental care just doesn't get better than this. We are so fortunate to have Dr. Townsend and his staff."
Daniel Barron

" Dr. Townsend and his entire staff are professional, skilled, and compassionate. Informed treatment is valued and it shows! I highly recommend this practice to all~ but especially to those who fear dental visits. You will be put at ease when you walk through the door! Thank you for all you did to help me and my husband."
Lisa Fredsall

"Great job...love the service!"
Karen Robinson